redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

two healing practices

The Atonement (at-one-ment):

– hands open, fingertips touching heart center; alternate tapping heart center with fingertips as the hands are moved across the chest towards shoulders, expanding the heart center. Say: “My Heart Of Light is fully awakened” 3x.
– place hands at heart center in prayer pose. Say: “I accept all that I am” 3x.
– place middle and ring finger of left hand at pubic bone, middle and ring finger of right hand at tailbone. feel for an energetic connection. breathe consciously for a few moments. Say: “I forgive myself for everything I have ever done; I forgive everyone who has ever done anything to me. I am at one.” 3x.

So It Is.

Release of karma:

Say: “I accept full responsibility for all my creations. I recall any and all negative energy, negative thoughtforms and negative intent to my Highest Self (God-Self, Christ/Buddha-Self; I AM Presence — whatever feels right to you), to be healed, blessed and transmuted back into Light. I retain the wisdom of the experience, while transmuting the energy of the experience and the experience itself back into Light.” So It Is.


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