redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

i recently underwent yet another ‘dark night of the soul’ and found myself questioning all i had learned on the spiritual path. everywhere i looked it seemed as if the spiritual community/world had become just another sales pitch, information to be marketed. It seemed that all healing, however miraculous, was still temporary. the world around me, especially the spiritual world, with it chakras and kundalini and trance channels, was becoming one more shadow, one more illusion within an illusion.

i asked for guidance and this book, “The Disappearance of the Universe” was delivered to me. i read it. i didn’t like it. i didn’t like its message, even though it was validating my own feelings, that everything — including the spiritual universe — is still a dream. i wasn’t fond of the author’s voice. i was concerned about the christian terminology. but i couldn’t stop reading.

and it changed everything.

and i am discovering a deeper peace than ever before.

the book is re-dissussion — a clarification — of “The Course In Miracles”, which i had started to read years ago and didn’t understand. now i do. i had thought it yet another philosophy of love and non-attachment (it is that).

what i now realize is that it is also and ultimately a highly technical manual on how to wake up from the dream-within-the-dream.

though, like me, you may have questions about certain christian terminology (brings up bad memories), it is not a christian book. it embraces buddhism — to a point. it is not New Age. it is not anti- any religion. it is anti-time, space, form and energy; all that holds the illusion together and keeps us separate from our True Home.

it is the message that Jesus (“J”, “the Voice”) tried to convey 2,000 years ago to an audience that couldn’t comprehend time and space and multi-dimensionality; the quantum nature of the physical and energetic universe. the mind and ego.

here are some quotes from the book; decide for yourself.


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