redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation


‘You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created the problem.’ — Albert Einstein


A one day, six hour gathering for personal transformation and empowerment. Reclaiming your power in a world determined to control it.

Do you have a sense of time speeding up?

Are long held personal and family issues suddenly coming to a head?

Are interpersonal and job relationships suddenly shifting?

Do you no longer feel comfortable in your own skin?

Is there a feeling that something is coming and that the status quo is no longer holding?

Experiencing increased synchronicities and psychic connection?

Are eating, sleep and health patterns changing?

Welcome to The Shift.

For six hours (with numerous breaks) we will share in an intensive and accelerated group experience of ‘letting go’ and coming into our full power as energetic beings. This will not be a group therapy session but a safe and playful experience of transforming the past and personal history — painlessly — into present moment awakening.

We have been led to believe that personal healing and transformation must take years, be painful and difficult and cost thousands of dollars. That is the way the material world works. It is not the way the energetic universe works, where the effortless, unexpected and miraculous are the natural state of affairs. A lifetime of challenging energies can be healed in an instant. We will tap into and explore those universal holographic energies.

The gathering will be divided into three sections: Body; Mind; Spirit.

Energies and intentions we will play with:

Releasing the past and rewriting personal history.

Unplugging — without judgment — from past and present energies, people and relationships that no longer serve us, or them.

Clearing and releasing karma (yes, it is possible to be done with karma completely).

Clearing and balancing each chakra and balancing the physical and energetic bodies.

Learning to use frequencies and colors to instantly transform physical and emotion states.

Playing with mantras and affirmations for personal healing and empowerment.

Strengthening personal, interpersonal and global compassion.

The power of personal belief.


Opening the sacred heart and sacred mind.

Connecting to the body’s intelligence.

Power breathing.

Basic meditation and relaxation techniques.

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket and pillow, yoga mat (if you have one, though it is not necessary), notebook, lots of water and several ‘energy bar’ snacks.

Where: Just Cause Entertainment, 4130 Del Rey Avenue, Marina Del Rey, 90292. The studio is off the street behind 4132 Del Rey Avenue. Use either alleyway to enter.

When: Saturday, August 4th, 9:00AM to 3:00PM.

Cost: $30.00 (please no checks or credit cards). Everyone is welcome regardless of ability to pay, we’d love to have you there in any case.

Peace & Awakening,



For information about my personal practice, please go to:


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