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David Deida Quotes

If you are waiting for anything to live and love without holding back, then you suffer. Every moment is the most important of your life. No future time is better than now to let your guard down and love.
David Deida
Source: Blue Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex



Yes, you can get a man to do just about anything, and you know it. So, what are you going to attract him into doing? Buying you a nice house? Giving you the space to guide your own life? Or, offering his deepest gifts to you and all beings while opening his heart to God?
  Are you a selfish witch, a self-sufficient witch, or a witch for the sake of drawing your man and all beings open as a gift for all?
David Deida
Source: Dear Lover

…you have the opportunity to free fall in this moment between birth and death, right through the hole of your fear, into the unthreatenable openess which is the source of your gifts. The superior man lives as this spontaneous sacrifice of love.
David Deida



If knowing the truth is sufficient for you, then practice the art of philosophy. If only living the truth will suffice, then practice the art of love through your mind, your emotions, and your body.
David Deida
Source: Blue Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex

You can ravish your woman so deeply that her surrender breaks your heart into light.
David Deida
Source: The Way Of The Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Woman, Work, and Sexual Desire



You’ll never get what you really want. All you can do is give what you really want!
David Deida

Anyone who separates being and doing is still enjoying separation.
David Deida

Source: “Can you satsang your way to love?”
You get function from therapy, flow from yoga, and glow from spirituality.
David Deida



Good artists are skilled, but great artists convey an immense depth of feeling through their expertise. The same goes for the art of sex. A good lover knows how to make the body sing. But a great lover, a superior lover, evokes a vast choir of bliss.    David Deida
Source: The Enlightened Sex Manual: Sexual Skills for the Superior Lover



You are not only a man, you are a superior man: a man who does his best to live as love in the world and in his intimacy, a man whose heart remains open and whose truth remains strong…If your purpose is to liberate yourself and others into love and freedom, then you should do whatever magnifies the love and freedom in your life and in the lives of whom your actions affect.
David Deida
Source: The Way Of The Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Woman, Work, and Sexual Desire



The word “surrender” is often interpreted as giving up, as weakness, as admitting defeat. Although this is one way to use the word, we will use it in a different way. Surrendering means letting go of your resistance to the total openness of who you are. It means giving up the tension of the little vortex you believe yourself to be and realizing the deep power of the ocean you truly are. It means to open with no boundaries, emotional or physical, so you ease wide beyond any limiting sense of self you might have.
David Deida
Source: Finding God Through Sex: Awakening The One Of Spirit Through The Two Of Flesh



“The amount of consciousness with which you can ravish your woman–the size of your ‘spiritual penis,’ so to speak–is determined by how fully you have surrendered as openness and love. Practice opening as free being, as unbounded love, even as thoughts come and go, fears clench and pass, and desires ebb and flow.”
David Deida
Source: Finding God Through Sex: Awakening The One Of Spirit Through The Two Of Flesh

Successfully completing a lesser purpose doesn’t feel good very good for very long, because it is simply preparation for advancing toward a greater embodiment of your deeper purpose.
David Deida

some general information that might be helpful during the coming times of transformation.

a morning practice:

drink a glass of warm water.

stand. close off right nostril. pump breath out left nostril 18 times. close left nostril. repeat through right nostril.

purse lips. pump out 18 breaths through mouth.

arms out in front. inhale full breath (filling from abdomen to stomach to chest). hold breath. swing arms forward and back, then in circles, then in forward stroke and then back stroke, then as in a butterfly stroke forward and backward. exhale through mouth.

inhale. holding breath keep sniffing in more breath until you’re full. hold. exhale through mouth.

inhale. hold breath. bring palms together above head. hold. exhale through mouth as you lowers arms.

pump 18 breaths through both nostrils while gently turing head from left to right.

wide stance. hands on knees. inhale deeply. hold breath. pump abdomen 50 times. exhale.

inhale deeply. hold breath and gently or firmly pat the entire body from head to toe, front and back. exhale through mouth.

rise up on toes and drop down onto heels, sending vibrations through entire body while shaking out hands, 50 times.

wider stance. sweep arms from sides toward face as if forcing purer air/energy into face while inhaling through nose deeply. swing arms back from sides to behind body while bending at waist and exhaling audibly. repeat  six times. add a laughter as you exhale: ha, he, ho, hi, hay.

sit. begin self-massage from head to toes.

add a simple yoga practice or easy stretching, focusing on gently stretching and turning the spine.

stand and squeeze eyelids, then blink eyelids rapidly 15 times, squeeze again, blink 15 times rapidly again, squeeze again then blink rapidly 50 times. facing forward, look to far left out corner of eyes. come back to center. focus. then look to the far left. back to center. focus. then up and to center, then down and to center.

entire morning practice shouldn’t take much more then fifteen minutes.

add a salt shower/bath.

move through your day expecting the miraculous.


chakra balancing/energizing/kundalini practice:

sit comfortably. focus on third eye or crown. close off right nostril with right thumb, other fingers pointed up. breathe through left nostril, left hand relaxed on left knee. AS YOU HOLD BREATH, mentally chant ” I am light.” or “I am love” or any other three word mantra you like as you pump your abdomen (as in a fire breath), one pump for each word, 16 times (3 pumps x 16 = 48 pimps total). close off left nostril with right index finger and exhale slowly through right nostril. repeat (don’t alternate nostrils)
practice for three minutes then go as long as you’d like as it feels comfortable to you. 20 minutes and more will change your life.


energizing breath:

stand. inhale deeply. hold breath. slowly lift arms from sides until extended in front of you. slowly clench fists tighter and tighter as your draw both fists towards upper chest. swing fists out and and back towards upper chest (like in a “Tarzan” call) 6 times. exhale through mouth. relax arms and fists. repeat 3 times.


books to start:

“Quantum Healing”; “Ageless Body/Timeless Mind” — Deepak Chopra
“The Holographic Universe” — Michael Talbot
“The Field” — Lynn McTaggart
“The Disappearance of the Universe” — Gary Renard
books by Fred Alan Wolff
any books by Gregg Braden


Balancing Breath: Close off right nostril, breath through left toward a count of 7. close off both and hold for 3 1/2 count. open right nostril and exhale toward a count of 7. close off both and hold for a 3 1/2 count. Reverse, open right nostril, breath, close off both, hold, open left and exhale. (creating an upside-down “U” shaped pattern). Continue for at least 5 cycles.

Basic Yogic Breath: Find pulse. breathe in fully, both nostrils open, toward a pulse-count of seven. Hold for 3 1/2. Exhale both nostrils toward count of 7. Hold out for 3 1/2. Continue for at least a seven breath cycle. Twelve breaths is great.

Balancing Nostril Breathing: without using the fingers, eyes closed, visualize that your are breathing in through the left nostril, holding, and exhaling through the right. Reverse. Add the mental chant “AUM”, “A” as you inhale through the left nostril, “U” as you hold, “M” as you exhale the left. When you reverse, reverse the AUM, “A” as you inhale through the right, “U” as you hold, “M” as you exhale through the left nostril.


Manifestation Practice:

Get into a meditative state. Connect to heart chakra. Breathe through it. Connect to the energy of gratitude.Visualize the sun in the heart chakra. See the moon in full phase outside the sun, but still within the heart chakra. Watch as the moon enters and is enclosed by the sun. Now visualize what you want to manifest, make it real, engage all the senses, place it HERE/NOW and not in the future. Then release it to the Universe to handle the details and forget about it. Repeat as much as you feel you need to.


Someone asked if you can change the recent past, like a court date for a traffic ticket?

We can change the energy of the original event (the ticket), which will effect the coming event (the court date), but now for the highest good of all. Or now from a place of love and grace as opposed to one of conflict and fear.

In the case of the ticket, we can replay the event so we don’t get the ticket in the first place — as long as we take full responsibility for any part we may have played in the event.

Or — we can begin to assert that we no longer believe in the ‘reality’ or power of traffic tickets — as long as no one, including ourselves, is harmed (part of the energy of invisibility).

As an example, We can say I now believe in being able to drive as fast as I want — as long as no one, including myself is harmed. (Flocks of birds and dolphin pods and swarms of bees go as fast as they can and they don’t bump into each other or harm each other. Because they are in alignment with Nature and a higher guidance. )

It’s not about speed or whatever other traffic ‘rule’ we may have ‘broken.’ It’s about alignment and harmlessness. Eventually we will be living in a world without rules and laws and police because we will all be in alignment with our higher selves and always taking full responsibility for our power and our actions and their consequences.

By doing all this, we may still have to go to court (or not), but now whatever will happen will be the highest outcome possible. (And still surround the (potential) coming court date with violet light 🙂

Someone asked if you have to actually confront a person involved in an event that you now want to change? The answer is no (though eventually we may want to). But now we may not need to, as we are now different people than we were in the past.

As an example, If something happened by turning down a dark alley in the past, we can now choose to replay the event — but this time we don’t go down that alley.

The important difference is that this time we don’t go down the alley from a place of personal power and not from a place of powerlessness, victimhood or fear. “I now choose to never again go down this or any ‘dark alleys’ in my life. I now choose only to turn down pathways of light and love and my personal power.”

It may be that the event is not really about what or who is at the end of that ‘alley,’ but about our choices in life to walk down certain ‘paths’.

In replaying a certain past event, we may need to ‘hit’ the person involved by way of claiming our power now, a power that we didn’t have at the time; or restraining someone from hitting another.  If so, does that action taken in our meditation effect the person if they are still alive today? Yes, but in a positive way; they won’t feel the energetic ‘hit’, but they will be released energetically from the event and allowed to heal as well because of cycle of victim/predator was broken (and even if they’re not alive, they’ll still be effected on the other side of the veil).

(We can energetically ‘hit’ people, but that is dark magik or cursing, and those energies will eventually come back to us. What we are practicing is white magik and it is about our personal healing, and when we are healed, the entire world is healed.)

Which is not to say that someone’s harmful actions in the past are suddenly okay; they’re not. And telling them so, in this replayed past event, may be what we have to do. But this is about healing ourselves and moving on from the past’s hold on us, so we can reclaim our power and move forward. And so they can as well.


the tiredness and slight nausea can be classic
a kind of re-boot takes place; it always does. and coming back into a
body of residual old stuff can make one very uncomfortable. it will
pass. it’s a positive sign. sometimes cold/flu symptoms show up as the
energetic and physical body cleanses itself. just ask your higher self
that the cleaning process be gentle and graceful, even joyful. drink
lots of pure, non-fluoridated water. put your palms to the ground if
you have to, to ground deeper. or lay on the ground, if possible.
breathe deep into your lower chakras.
as for cutting chords: imagine your hand and arm as electric blue
light, or that you have a sword of electric blue light in your hands,
or knife, scissors, whatever works for you. imagine, or literally
sweep your hand/arm down your front, above and below body. imagine
cutting behind as well. you don’t have to visualize the chords/fibers,
unless you want to. trust that they’re there and that they ARE being
cut. do it daily until you can call up the person or events involved
and there is no emotional response, then you’re done.

Two Cleansings

The Salt Rub

If you’ve had a rough day and are feeling drained, or if you’ve been in difficult traffic, or around draining people, or in a raucous crowd, or slammed by loud music, or had a tough day with the boss, then you’ve probably picked up a lot of negative energy attachments to your energetic body.

One way to clean them off and restore vitality to your energy body is to take a cup of salt (sea salt is best, but table salt is okay; not too coarse) and add some warm water and a little oil (lavender is best, but olive oil is fine, or any of your favorite oils).

As you take a shower, or bath, rub yourself all over with the salt in counter-clockwise motions, focusing on the lower chakras and between the legs and the lower back, and then the joints, but cover the entire body. Then clean the salt and oil off with your regular soap in clockwise motions. Rinse off, and see how much lighter you feel.

As a general rule, you might consider doing this cleaning every few days, or after a night of difficult dreams and erratic sleep as you can build up negative energy attachments over the course of a night’s sleep.

The Violet Shower

Another method of cleansing (I suggest using both) is to take a shower and imagine being surrounded and washed by electric violet light. You can also invoke the Violent Flame and/or the Aquarian Fire (also violet).

Violet light is a sacred cleansing light the INSTANTLY transforms — without any judgment — any and all negative energies and thoughtforms into their polar opposite.

While in the shower of violet light, you might make a present tense statement to the Universe in gratitude for the transmutations that have taken place. I’ll offer the following, but please make up your own as well:

“I am grateful that all my negative energies, negative thoughtforms and negative intent has been transmuted into positive energy, positive thoughtforms and positive intent.
I am grateful that all me fears have been transmuted into faith and trust and unconditional love.
I am grateful that all my illusions have been transmuted into clarity, truth and wisdom.
I am grateful that all my judgments and criticisms of myself — and all others — have been transmuted into non-judgment and non-criticism, compassion and understanding.
I am grateful that all my dis-ease has been transmuted into radiant health.
I am grateful that all my debt, lack, need and want has been transmuted into abundance, prosperity, wealth and success.
I am grateful that all my unbalanced sexual energy has been transmuted into balanced, healed, joyful sexual energy.
I am grateful that all my jealousy and anger has been transmuted into self-confidence and laughter.
I am grateful that all my guilt and shame has been transmuted into self-love.
I am grateful that all my need for approval has been transmuted into self-worth.
I am grateful that my ego, pride, glamour (spiritual ego), self-righteousness and hypocrisy has been transmuted into humility and service.
I am grateful that karmic debts have transmuted into present moment awareness and forgiveness.
I am grateful that all my connections to the lower mass consciousness of this planet has been transmuted into connection to the New Earth, infinite abundance and whole life for all.
I am grateful that all my separation has been transmuted into Oneness.
So It Is. So it Is. So It Is.”


you can release folks from your life energetically with chord cutting and other techniques. They just drift off without the need for confrontation.

Make it a sacred event.

You might think about cutting the ancestral chord through the mother and all grandmothers, the father and all grandfathers (while retaining their wisdom), to the beginning of time. It is this chord that attracts a lot of the other folks into our lives that can cause…disruption. It is connected at the navel and is quite thick and knotted.

Use an electric blue ‘sword’, or blade, to cut all chords; you can also use your arm. Cut down your front and the back and both sides, over the head and under the feet. You may have to do it several times.

You can imagine that your hand is a sword (or laser) and ‘slice’ your hand down your front and sides and imagine doing so down the back.

You can also officially announce to the universe that you release them (and everyone) from all karmic ties and debts bound to you, and that you ask to be released from all karmic ties and debts bound to them (their Higher Self MUST honor this request, regardless whether the person would do so in ‘real life’ or not).

Once you do any of this, you have to completely let them go from your consciousness, unless you are sending them light & love. One negative thought and the chords reattach. And you have to cut them again.

Then surround yourself with the Whole Armour Of God, which reflects back to their Higher Self any and all negative energies anyone may try to project to you consciously or unconsciously. By directing it back to their Higher Self, we don’t engage in an energetic ‘battle’ of wills and personalities.

surround yourself with golden light.

imagine your energy field filled with armor or dragons or ‘saintly’ soldiers, whatever images feel protective. they will be ‘seen’ in your energy filed by others.


A Practice For Healing Anger.
Create a sacred space. Move into a meditative state. Call in as witnesses any and all angels, guides, spiritual Masters, deities, etc. with whom you have a connection or simply admire; they will be there for you. Have them encircle you.

From the Light, call forth any person from your past or present who is a source of anger in your life, from family members to office workers to political figures; anyone, everyone. Under the guidance and protection of your Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE — and their Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE — place each person, one at a time, before you, within your circle. Address them (or their Higher Self) in gratitude for their assistance in your healing.

Proceed to detail any and all transgressions or events or emotional states that you feel — rightly or wrongly — the person before you is responsible for. It can be as simple as: “I am angry at your for…” Feel free to relate how you felt in the situation, and any harmful repercussions on your later life.

This is the time to tell your story fully, in a way the world seldom, if at all, allows. It does not matter if your perception of the hurt is true or not; this is about the healing of what you are feeling, for have felt. This practice is not about who is right and who is wrong; it is about transforming energy.

Also know that you are in no way creating negative karma for yourself with this practice by the expression of your anger: This practice is one of healing the self, and in turn, those others in your life circle. All participants benefit from this practice. The Universe honors this intent.

As this practice is, first and foremost, about your healing, the person you are addressing can in no way whatsoever defend, explain, or rationalize their actions. They can not leave until you are finished. They cannot speak. They are here to witness your story. If you do not feel safe in the presence of this person, you can have them positioned between your guardian angels.

When you are finished, you then inform them that they must now apologize to you — without explanation or defense or rationalization, unless you so choose. They must apologize for each and every event as you deem necessary. They must say: “I am sorry that I…”

When you have decided that they are finished, then you must work to accept their apology. This is a practice that will have to be repeated until you are comfortable in accepting their apology.

When you are comfortable with their apology and feel that you have truly been heard, then you may find yourself apologizing to them for parts you may have played in the events, deliberately or inadvertently.

However, this is not a requirement of this practice. When you have finished, thank the person, or their Higher Self, for this healing and release their energy back into the Light.

I suggest this practice as often as you need, until you are unable to call the person forth, because their energy no longer has a hold on you. I also offer that you be open to expressing you anger at God, or Whomever you seek comfort from on the other side of the veil, should you in any way feel spiritually abandoned or betrayed. Ask God to apologize to you (S/HE will in a way that will surprise and delight and comfort you). Then, you may feel compelled to apologize to God or whomever, though this is by no means required.

And finally, you may find it necessary to call forth yourself; to express your anger at yourself for not having lived up to your expectations or for letting you down. Ask yourself to apologize to you. Then, you may feel compelled to apologize to yourself as well. In any case, release yourself back into the Light.

In any case, say to yourself (when you’re ready): “I forgive myself for everything I’ve ever done. I forgive everyone who’s ever done anything to me. I forgive myself for everything I’ve ever done to myself. I am At One. I am at peace.”

Remember, forgiveness isn’t about saying a certain action in the past was acceptable. It’s healing us so we can move forward.

Thank your circle of angels and guides and Masters for their assistance and the witnessing of your healing. Feel their embrace of Love. Honor what you have just done. We thank you for your desire to heal, for in your healing the world is healed, and the Universe. We Are One. So It Is.

The Great Unplug

There is a feeling in the air that things are changing rapidly, that time is speeding-up, that the world as a whole is losing its collective sanity, and that something ominous might be on the horizon.

Things are changing rapidly, time is speeding-up, and as the Light on the planet increases, so does the dark. Though Light is exponentially and geometrically more powerful than the dark and so an eventual tipping point will be reached and the Light will consume the dark. Some believe that tipping point has already been reached and that process of transmutation has already begun.

We are watching the beginning stages of the Great Transformation. Institutions once thought to be rock-solid are starting to crumble: the government, Wall Street, religion. This is the Aquarian Age, the Age of (Spiritual) Fire, the Age of Michael, the age when all that is hidden will be revealed. The truth is coming forward, the distortions are being exposed.

Am I talking about a coming Armegeddon? No. That possibility has long since passed. Though there will be upheaval. There will be change. It can be as challenging or graceful as we choose.

The central law of the Universe is: That Which We Place Our Attention On We Become Conscious Of. In other words, we will experience the world we are connected to.

The current world around us — for the most part — is fear-based and power-based. Those energies are no longer sustainable and they WILL BE transformed. Enough people on the planet are now spirit-based and have created, in effect, two parallel worlds existing side-by-side: the world as we know it now, and another that is being born as I write this. One is fear-based, the other is love-based.

There is another Law of the Universe: Free Will Is Absolute. In other words, our choices will always be honored with the natural outcomes of those choices. Stay with fear and we will experience more and more of it. Open to love and we all experience more and more of that. This is also the Law Of Attraction.

Those who continue to live as they have will, in all likelihood, experience the ‘Armageddon’ of their nightmares. Those who ‘unplug’ from the current culture of fear and death, will absolutely experience the ‘heaven’ of their dreams.

There is an ancient truth that if you are sitting in the middle of a vast desert and an army of a million soldiers are coming toward you — if you are not in fear — they will walk right past you. They literally will not see you because you are not operating from the same vibratory frequency as they are.

So, how to unplug?

Every morning and throughout the day make a statement to the Universe that you are no longer a part of the (lower) mass consciousness of the planet, its politics, its culture, its history. That you consciously choose to be a part of the New Earth.

Call upon your  higher self, angels and guides or whomever to gracefully disconnect you from the lower energies of this planet and connect you to the higher energies.

Release all karmic ties and debts now and forever. How? Just command it: “I know release myself and all my brothers and sisters from all karmic ties and debts. I forgive everyone and ask forgiveness of everyone.” Done.

Imagine an electric violet sword, or knife, or scissors cutting away dark threads of energy connecting you to the mass consciousness of the planet.

Try to stop watching the news on a daily basis. The news is not only fear-based, it is terror-based, and gossip-based, and old power-based.  If there is anything you really need to know, the universe will inform you. The universe doesn’t rely on CNN.

Stop reading news stories that speak to fear — any fear — all fear. Those stories, like fear itself, are an illusion. And truthfully, do you really need to know about the murder down the street? That is the affair of those directly involved, not you. You either know you are safe and protected in the universe, or you do not know that. Not yet.

Challenge yourself to let go of guilt and shame and judgment.

As trite as it sounds: Think positive thoughts. Focus on all the positive things that are going on in the world. Every day on this planet, for every hundred thousand people (or even a million) stuck in fear and power and the dark, there are at least 5 billion people on this planet getting along peacefully.