redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation


a note out after a weekend and week of ‘storms’ both national and personal.

the number of accidents i’m hearing about among friends and family, old emotional issues coming to a head and boiling over, free-floating anger, illnesses and deaths and other traumas seems to suggest the shift we’ve all been hearing about for decades is well upon us. and with that shift, old energy has to be looked-at and released in order for the new energy to fully enter. it can be a painful, difficult process.

we’ve come through a rough election year(s) with lots of anger and fear expressed, an off-the-scale storm on the east coast, earthquakes in Canada, the shifting energy fields of the earth, etc.

all is ultimately consciousness and consciousness feeds on like-consciousness. like-energy attracts like-energy.

if any of this resonates with you now or in the coming weeks, then we all need to accept responsibility as spiritual adults for what we add to the greater consciousness, because we are seeing the results speeded-up and amplified as never before in the history of the plant.

honor what we’re going through but try to not take it personally, as it may just be global anxiety we’re experiencing. move through whatever’s happening then release the past into light. stay connected to others and share what’s going on.

none of this is about destruction, it’s about healing and coming together.

try to stay heart-centered: literally put our hand on our heart and connect to its beating. get into nature whenever we can, and if you can, lay on the ground. surround ourselves and others with violet light. protect ourselves with gold or white light. connect to our breath. meditate. pray from a place of calm. don’t take on energy that’s not ours. take salt baths and/or showers.

know that this may be what the caterpillar goes through before emerging as the butterfly, and that the tough energy/emotions WILL pass.

i’m so grateful to know that whatever we’re going through and may yet go through, that you are all out there holding the light with your amazingly beautiful hearts and souls.

these are the days we’ve been told about, and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


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