redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation


From deepak chopra via kddrummond:

Forgiveness begins with the recognition that actions perceived as hurtful are wrong and are a perception of the ego – not the higher self.

The ego seeks justice or revenge to right a perceived wrong. The higher self knows the universe will rebalance all actions in the appropriate time and way in accord with the whole cosmos, not just the view of one person’s hurt feelings.

When you forgive, you’re allowing that process to unfold instead of holding onto your ego’s point of view. Forgiveness is a courageous act of trust and compassion, one that comes with the bountiful reward of healing, love, light and liberation for our bodies, minds and spirits.

When we find we are holding onto pain or resentment connected to a person or situation, we are in essence holding onto memories of the past.

On this journey we’re now choosing to live love in every moment. Love exists not in the past but in the present moment.

The beauty of this choice is that when we forgive another we’re actually choosing freedom for our own soul. Through forgiveness, we free ourselves from attachments to the past and we clear encumbrances that constrict our hearts, helping to expand our ability to love and be loved.

As we embrace the practice of forgiveness we recognize that this natural process brings us closer to our essential nature and this part of our spiritual evolution.

Each time we let go of emotions connected to the past, we invite increased peace and well-being into our lives. People, situations and circumstances begin to fall into place. Love and joy come to you and flow from you effortlessly, and life becomes a rich and treasured adventure.


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