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An intention for 2014


For far too long we have set the bar for happiness so low with the excuse ‘that’s just life’. No. Life reflects our expectations. Perhaps we should start with better expectations, such as replacing words like happiness, joy, peace, etc, with words like magnificence, bliss, perfection, glory, grandeur, sacred, ecstasy, sublime. No more compromising on our unspeakable glory and the unspeakable perfection of others.

A gift

Imagine you are a powerful Divine Being with a magic wand that can perform any miracle and then imagine someone you love, touch them with your wand and say:
You are free of pain.
You are free of suffering.
You are happy.
You are filled with loving kindness. You are awakened.
Then imagine someone you’re neutral about and do and say the same thing.
Then imagine someone you have issues with.
Then imagine the earth and say: All people everywhere are free of pain, etc.
Finally, imagine yourself and touch the wand to your heart and say the same words.

Watch the miracles begin!