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911 has always been a call for help

“There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

It’s amazing how we as a people can just keep on accepting the illusion, because to see the truth makes us question everything, including ourselves, and that can be a devastating revelation. we too often prefer the illusion because — though it eventually and secretly takes away everything from us, including our very freedom and then too often our lives — it makes us feel strangely safe. 

But as Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would sacrifice their liberty for safety deserve neither.”

Sooner or later, we all must face up to the truth of the greatest crime in American history: 9.11 — not from a place of hate and anger and revenge (we’ve already seen the results of those actions), but from a place of clarity, integrity, light and love.

Rather than allowing the reader to instantly confine this to the void of conspiracy theorist, if you are even remotely curious about the true nature of the world we live in, check out the following websites — and no, these are not run by anti-social folks hunched over a computer in their basement. These are decorated firefighters, seasoned pilots, top architects and engineers, and university scholars. & engineers) (scholars)

and if you recall only one thing, recall this: Out of the entire event came only one action, the invasion of Iraq, when all the so-called terrorists came from Saudi Arabia.

and finally, as to the common misunderstanding that it’s impossible for so many people to be involved, you must understand the nature of the pyramid, as all intelligence agencies do: Only a very few at the top of the pyramid actually know what the plan is, the rest just follow orders, believing in their government. And by the way, hundreds of people involved have spoken out, we just never heard of them.

time to pull back the curtain from the great Oz.