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a saging practice

  — wash your hands.

   — clap your hands as you walk about the home to ‘awaken’ the energy.

   — find what feels like the center or ‘heart’ of the home, stand there with the sage, fire source and a container to catch ashes (I use a sea shell, though it’s not necessary, to include earth (sage), fire, air (smoke) water (shell).

    — offer the sage and anything else you’re using, in a spirit of humility and gratitude, to the spirits of the four directions, starting with East and going clockwise.

    — sage yourself first by blowing the smoke over your body with your hand, or a feather (which can also represent air). pass smoke over and under the arms, down the legs. you can allow smoke to flow behind your back, or allow smoke to rise in front of you and step into it. pay special attention to the solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown, with the intention that you become a clear channel for healing and cleansing and protective energy.

   — with the sage in your hand, start with the northeastern-most corner of the room (I like starting with the front door) and move clockwise through the house passing the smoke with your hand or feather as you go with the intention the cleanse, heal, sanctify and protect the home and all who enter it. you can say words to this effect, if you want. you can also have the intention that all old, stuck, dark energy leave the home NOW (it will). have the intention of bringing in light.

  — when you come to each window and doorway and all doors, pass the sage around the circumference of the windows and doorways and doors.

  — when you reach the place you began, pass the sage in the pattern of a equi-distant cross to seal in the clearing.

   — return to the center. express thanks for the clearing and protection.

   — put out the sage respectfully in water or earth. you’re done.

 I like to light some incense afterwards and let it burn.