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About six years ago I wrote a new version of the life of Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), called “Son.” I get many questions asking, “Is it channeled?” and the answer is: why does it matter?

What is channelling ultimately but connecting with a higher aspect of ourselves and aren’t Yeshua, Buddha and all others also aspects of our higher selves?

Did Yeshua speak to me? Yes. Is the material also drawn from other sources and ‘my Self’? Yes. Are they one in the same? Yes.

The spiritual world, just like the material world, is so enamored of celebrity in all forms, metaphysical name-dropping.

The question Yesuha would ask — because it is the question he did ask 2,000 years ago — is why does it matter? It is the message that is important, not the messenger.

Do we connect with a message, but then give it less power because it doesn’t have an autograph at the end? I know that FB messages are as important as Yeshua’s, as The Creator’s, because they are one in the same.

A challenge of this new age, this new maturity, is for us to move beyond the celebrity aspect of spirituality — that you have to have sold 100,000 books, or charge $2500.00 for a seminar, or hang out with Wayne Dwyer, Deepak Chopra and Oprah — all powerful messengers —

But so is the homeless person on the beach.

As Yeshua — and I —  write: “Is this the truth? Yes. Is it your truth? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever helps you move through the murky waters towards love is your truth. And that is as it should be.”