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a message

You have all come through a very difficult few years, harsh energies manifesting in stronger and stronger ways, especially over the last few months. You have witnessed these manifestations as personal and planetary hurricanes, earthquakes and social/political upheaval, all of which are extensions of your divine consciousness.

These are truly cleansings and they are occurring at every level of your physical and energetic bodies. They are also rippling through all your multitudes of lifetimes in other dimensions and on other planets, as all your lifetimes are simultaneous. Earth has become a focal point for the universal transformation that is occurring.

Despite what you may believe as you look around your world, Gaia — with your unprecedented help — has raised her vibration sufficiently to become like a shinning star within the physical and non-physical universe, in turn raising the vibrations of everything in your physical and non-physical solar system, which is, in turn, raising the vibration of your galaxy, which is raising the vibration of your constellation, which is raising the vibration of your known universe.

As a result, the vibration of your individual, multidimensional lives are also raising, as lower energies are transformed into higher energies. Those aspects of yourself that no longer serve you are being gradually ‘consumed’ in the furnace of your I AM Presence. This process is now happening automatically. And it is happening everywhere.

All is coming together, fragments of consciousness which split off at the very beginning of this cycle of creation to journey down individual paths of separation are being reunited and healed, being made whole once again. This is the time of the Great Reunion, when the self once again reclaims The One.

You have navigated hazardous waters and are now seeking safe havens. But do not seek them, for the search only places it farther away. Know that you have already found them. Even if you find your life in turmoil, do not despair, in the center of every hurricane is the calm eye, the all-knowing, all-seeing Eye, the Silent Witness that understands all is perfect, that all is as it should be.

If you are feeling lost and abandoned, know that this is appropriate, because, quite literally, a part of you — as you have known it for eons — no longer exists . A good friend seems to have left you comfortless, when in fact, that good friend has merely risen to prepare the way for you to rejoin, once again, with Yourself. You are feeling the first pangs of the void between worlds, between dimensions, between your lower and higher selves. This too shall pass. Breathe deeply in this time of transformation. Please be gentle with yourselves, please forgive yourselves and others; let it all go.

You who are now reading this have already achieved your highest goals for this life incarnation. If that does not yet seem to be the case in your material world, then know that no one shall leave this planet, or the “ring-pass-not” of your solar system unfulfilled. You are grand creators and your hearts will be filled.

Simply put, in order to create at the Grand Level, one must able to look back on their path and truly say, “I have been there, I have done that. I now know. I can now create fully, completely, without judgment of my creations, for I now know that it is all good.” The end is near, sisters and brothers, of this magnificent exploration of time and matter. I say this not to create fear, but to prepare you for the unimaginable joys soon to come.

The Call has gone out from the very center of the Universe and it is echoing throughout all creation. Your hearts are beginning to feel the first vibrations of this coming event. Honor all you are one day at a time. Honor your sisters and brothers, even if you do not agree with them, even if you perceive them doing a great harm. You are not being asked to be saints and certainly not martyrs, but merely to be present, to be the neutral witness. This does not mean to be inactive.

Give all that you can. If you can give of your time or money to help another, do so. If not, give your Light. Give your compassion. The intent is all, not the form. Be in the world, not of it. Be a Light unto the darkness, cursing the darkness not. Try to relax. Try to simply smile more. A warm smile is more powerful that you can imagine.

Do not fall into fear, do not let fear into your homes nor your hearts. Sleep deeply and love passionately. Sing your songs and dream your greatest dreams because you are, this instant, giving birth to a new world made up of those songs, those passions, those dreams.

Claim your birthright — and responsibility — as God Made Manifest. Hold the Light, dear ones, for you are that Light. Look to the Water Carrier. Look to the water within and without for it is the carrier of the Christ Consciousness through your world of dense matter.

You have been the way-showers and explorers of matter. By immersing yourself in dense matter and illusion, you have brought Light to it, and it is good. You are lifting up entire worlds that have been trapped in density for eons. Words cannot speak to the gratitude.

The time of Light is here. Be that Light.

So it is.

My beloveds.