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research on benefits of meditation

Participants in an 8 week mindfulness meditation class experienced structural brain changes including increased grey-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection.
This is the first research to document meditation-produced changes in the brain.

Previous research has identified differences in brain activity and structure between practiced meditators and non-meditators.

Researchers noted that long-term meditation alters brain-wave patterns, with greater activity in brain circuits involved in attention. They also found that brain regions associated with attention and sensory processing were thicker in meditators than in controls. The question was whether people with a thicker brain cortex in areas associated with awareness and sensory processing were more likely to meditate.
The current study is the first to document that these structural changes are in fact produced by meditation.

“This study demonstrates that changes in brain structure may underlie some of these reported improvements and that people are not just feeling better because they are spending time relaxing,” said study author Sara Lazar, PhD, of the MGH Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Program
During the study MR images of participants’ brain structure were taken two weeks prior to and immediately following an eight week mindfulness based stress reduction programme. MR brain images were also taken of a control group over a similar time interval.

The meditation course consisted of weekly meetings including guided meditation and audio meditations to do at home on a daily basis. Analysis of MR images found increased grey-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion and introspection. Participant-reported reductions in stress also were correlated with decreased grey-matter density in the amygdala, which is known to play an important role in anxiety and stress.

“It is fascinating to see the brain’s plasticity and that, by practicing meditation, we can play an active role in changing the brain and can increase our well-being and quality of life.” says Britta Hölzel, PhD, first author of the paper and a research fellow at MGH and Giessen University in Germany.
The research will be published in the January 30 issue of Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging

Further health benefits of meditation

Several studies designed specifically to understand the beneficial effects of meditation have shown that meditation helps to prevent heart disease, reduce pain, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, decrease anxiety and help manage asthma2.

Meditation has been shown to increase alpha waves (relaxed brain waves) and decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol. It appears that some of the positive physical changes associated with meditation have their roots in stress management.

Conditions benefitted by meditation

  • Pain: There is a body of research work indicating that meditation can reduce chronic pain3. One notable study conducted at the Texas Tech University found that meditation in conjunction with traditional medicine enhances the effectiveness of western medical treatment. In another study published in the Journal of Behavioural Medicine, patients suffering from backache, chronic migraine and tension headaches were able to significantly reduce pain medication4. Another study found that people who meditate regularly find pain less unpleasant.5
  • HIV: There is emerging evidence from other studies that shows that meditation and behavioral stress-management programs can buffer HIV declines in HIV-positive people6
  • High Cholesterol: In two prospective, random assignment studies, meditation reduced total cholesterol over a relatively short period (three months)7 as well as a long period (11 months)8.
  • Anxiety and Depression: Since the early sixties, scientists have speculated that meditation improves mental functioning. Meditation decreases oxygen consumption, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure, and increases the intensity of alpha, theta, and delta brain waves, the opposite of the physiological changes that occur during the stress response.
  • Diabetes: Meditation also aids in controlling blood sugar levels. Researchers at the University of Virginia have shown that following meditation, reduced stress levels correlate with a decrease in blood glucose levels.9
  • Hypertension: Besides its role as a stress buster, meditation also reduces blood pressure10 and contributes to the overall reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease.

Meditation is more that just a way for us to get in touch with ourselves and calm a busy mind. It appears that meditation has a direct effect on the physical body, brain activity and underlying brain structure. So what are you waiting for?

cutting chords

You can release people from your life energetically with chord cutting and other techniques, people who no longer serve your highest good, and whose highest good you may no longer serve.
They just drift off without the need for confrontation. 

Make it a sacred event.

You might think about cutting the ancestral chord through the mother and all grandmothers, the father and all grandfathers (while retaining their wisdom), to the beginning of time. It is this chord that attracts a lot of the other people into our lives that can cause…disruption. It is connected at the navel and is quite thick and knotted.

First, we have to accept full responsibility (as a co-creator with the Universe) for our energetic part in connecting to, or attracting these energies in the first place. Nothing happens in a vacuum; like it or not, we always have a part in what ‘befalls’ us. There’s no judgment about it, it’s just energetic law: like energy attracts like energy.

You can say something like: “I accept full responsibility for ALL my creations, and recall any and all negative energy, negative thoughtforms, negative intent — consciously or unconsciously — to my Higher Self/God Self/Christ Self to be healed, blessed, transmuted and released back into the Light. I retain the wisdom of these experiences, transmuting the energy and the experience itself back into Light.

Use an electric blue ‘sword’, or blade, to cut all chords (the Sword Of Archangel Michael). Cut down your front and the back and both sides, over the head and under the feet. You may have to do it several times.

You can imagine that your hand and arm is a sword (or laser) and ‘slice’ your hand down your front and sides and imagine doing so down the back.

You can also officially announce to the universe that you release them (and everyone) from all karmic ties and debts bound to you, and that you ask to be released from all karmic ties and debts bound to them (their Higher Self MUST honor this request, regardless whether the person would do so in ‘real life’ or not).

Once you do any of this, you have to completely let them go from your consciousness, unless you are sending them light & love. One negative thought and the chords reattach. And you have to cut them again.

Then surround yourself with the Whole Armour Of God, which reflects back to their Higher Self any and all negative energies anyone may try to project to you consciously or unconsciously. By directing it back to their Higher Self, we don’t engage in an energetic ‘battle’ of wills and personalities.


Amazing Throat Singer Matthew Kocel

This is from a dear, wonderful friend’s website:

Matthew Kocel is a man dedicated to the global awakening of humanity, and healing the Earth through sacred sound.

An internationally renowned throat singer and sound healer, he has performed for audiences across North America for over 12 years.

Hundreds of people have reported experiencing deep meditative states, waves of healing energy, even profound visions while listening to his music.

Matthew’s vocal sound is a unique blend of Tibetan/Tuvan throat singing and  Euro-American overtone chant – creating multiple overtones that seem to rise up from the depths of the Earth, taking you on a journey back to Source.

Listening to his sound healing meditation music, feels like you have lifted the veil and entered a realm beyond  time and space.

The Absentee Landlord

(photo courtesy s-t-r-a-n-g-e)

Everything in the universe is conscious at varying levels. Everything is a manifestation of Divine Mind. As Yeshua says, even the chair we’re sitting on has consciousness running through it.

In metaphysics it is believed that the evolution of consciousness in the world of matter begins with the mineral kingdom, which as contradictory as it may seem, is consciousness learning to move for the first time. Though we can’t see it, in fact all minerals are ever-growing and changing. Like the child that must first learn to crawl before it can walk, consciousness must learn the rudiments of movement through the seemingly immobile stone.

It is then believed that the next evolution is that of first emotion, and occurs within the plant kingdom.

The next is consciousness experiencing the first sparks of intelligence within the insect kingdom, though the seemingly pre-programmed intelligence of a species as one mind.

Then the wild animal kingdom and the experience and expression of group consciousness within a ‘family,’ or heard, or pack.

Then onto the domestic animal kingdom where individual consciousness begins to grow; your pet as your companion.

Then the mammalian kingdom of the whales and dolphins — and the human kingdom — as the expression of higher intelligence and compassion and ultimately, the spiritual.

There is an ancient metaphysical statement of profound truth: “As above, so below. As within, so without.” It means that there is no such thing as size or distance (see quantum physics and “non-locality”). It means that the earth is made up of the same stuff as the universe; the universe is made up of the same stuff as the earth.

That our bodies are not separate from the kingdoms of the earth, but that our bodies are made up of these very same kingdoms. That our organs directly relate to the stars and planets of our solar system. That our solar system directly relates to the galaxy and the universe as a whole, and that they all are duplicated within the smallest sub-atomic particle.

To understand the human body, study the universe.

To understand the universe, study the human body.

The point in question? That our human body is not just alive but also conscious. That the entirety of the universe is within it. That our organs, tissues, fluids, etc. possess all of the various levels of evolutionary consciousness. That quite simply, the heart ‘knows’ it is a heart, the liver a liver, the tooth a tooth, the cell a cell. And they ‘know’ their purpose and they perform their tasks magnificently.

I think of our bodies as made up of “magnificent children.” They are ‘savants’ at their jobs, but don’t completely understand the ‘world’ around them or the energies that effect them. They don’t ‘understand’ stress or anger or hate or fear. They only ‘know’ to do their best to process these attacking energies within their individual abilities. But they can only do so much, and once overwhelmed, they begin to collapse and dis-ease takes over. Even death.

For the most part we have been “absentee landlords” in the dwelling called our bodies.

So, how about a different approach to the body? How about considering it as an equal partner in our health, which wants nothing more than to do its job successfully, resulting in a full, happy life, and assuring its own conscious evolution.

Consider beginning a personal relationship with the conscious universe within us. As silly as it may sound, consider introducing ourselves to our bodies (you’ll be surprised by the response you get). Consider talking to each and every body element and asking them questions about the state of our health — and guess what? You’ll get answers.

And here’s a really silly idea which is surprisingly powerful. Consider giving names to various body parts; ask them what they’d like to be called (again, prepare to be surprised). We don’t have to name every tooth or cell, but just a few organs here and there to integrate our consciousness into our body. To become, in effect, a team with a shared goal.

How about this: Tell each and every organ and system that you love them. And feel your body light-up with gratitude.

Like everything else in the universe — including the rocks and ants and tulips — the body wants to be loved and appreciated. It wants to evolve, just as we do.

It needs us.

And we need it.

a message

You have all come through a very difficult few years, harsh energies manifesting in stronger and stronger ways, especially over the last few months. You have witnessed these manifestations as personal and planetary hurricanes, earthquakes and social/political upheaval, all of which are extensions of your divine consciousness.

These are truly cleansings and they are occurring at every level of your physical and energetic bodies. They are also rippling through all your multitudes of lifetimes in other dimensions and on other planets, as all your lifetimes are simultaneous. Earth has become a focal point for the universal transformation that is occurring.

Despite what you may believe as you look around your world, Gaia — with your unprecedented help — has raised her vibration sufficiently to become like a shinning star within the physical and non-physical universe, in turn raising the vibrations of everything in your physical and non-physical solar system, which is, in turn, raising the vibration of your galaxy, which is raising the vibration of your constellation, which is raising the vibration of your known universe.

As a result, the vibration of your individual, multidimensional lives are also raising, as lower energies are transformed into higher energies. Those aspects of yourself that no longer serve you are being gradually ‘consumed’ in the furnace of your I AM Presence. This process is now happening automatically. And it is happening everywhere.

All is coming together, fragments of consciousness which split off at the very beginning of this cycle of creation to journey down individual paths of separation are being reunited and healed, being made whole once again. This is the time of the Great Reunion, when the self once again reclaims The One.

You have navigated hazardous waters and are now seeking safe havens. But do not seek them, for the search only places it farther away. Know that you have already found them. Even if you find your life in turmoil, do not despair, in the center of every hurricane is the calm eye, the all-knowing, all-seeing Eye, the Silent Witness that understands all is perfect, that all is as it should be.

If you are feeling lost and abandoned, know that this is appropriate, because, quite literally, a part of you — as you have known it for eons — no longer exists . A good friend seems to have left you comfortless, when in fact, that good friend has merely risen to prepare the way for you to rejoin, once again, with Yourself. You are feeling the first pangs of the void between worlds, between dimensions, between your lower and higher selves. This too shall pass. Breathe deeply in this time of transformation. Please be gentle with yourselves, please forgive yourselves and others; let it all go.

You who are now reading this have already achieved your highest goals for this life incarnation. If that does not yet seem to be the case in your material world, then know that no one shall leave this planet, or the “ring-pass-not” of your solar system unfulfilled. You are grand creators and your hearts will be filled.

Simply put, in order to create at the Grand Level, one must able to look back on their path and truly say, “I have been there, I have done that. I now know. I can now create fully, completely, without judgment of my creations, for I now know that it is all good.” The end is near, sisters and brothers, of this magnificent exploration of time and matter. I say this not to create fear, but to prepare you for the unimaginable joys soon to come.

The Call has gone out from the very center of the Universe and it is echoing throughout all creation. Your hearts are beginning to feel the first vibrations of this coming event. Honor all you are one day at a time. Honor your sisters and brothers, even if you do not agree with them, even if you perceive them doing a great harm. You are not being asked to be saints and certainly not martyrs, but merely to be present, to be the neutral witness. This does not mean to be inactive.

Give all that you can. If you can give of your time or money to help another, do so. If not, give your Light. Give your compassion. The intent is all, not the form. Be in the world, not of it. Be a Light unto the darkness, cursing the darkness not. Try to relax. Try to simply smile more. A warm smile is more powerful that you can imagine.

Do not fall into fear, do not let fear into your homes nor your hearts. Sleep deeply and love passionately. Sing your songs and dream your greatest dreams because you are, this instant, giving birth to a new world made up of those songs, those passions, those dreams.

Claim your birthright — and responsibility — as God Made Manifest. Hold the Light, dear ones, for you are that Light. Look to the Water Carrier. Look to the water within and without for it is the carrier of the Christ Consciousness through your world of dense matter.

You have been the way-showers and explorers of matter. By immersing yourself in dense matter and illusion, you have brought Light to it, and it is good. You are lifting up entire worlds that have been trapped in density for eons. Words cannot speak to the gratitude.

The time of Light is here. Be that Light.

So it is.

My beloveds.

Ho’o pono pono

(photo courtesy criswatk)

Joe Vitale tells the story of the absolutely amazing Huna practice of Ho’o pono pono of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. We are powerful agents of change as we learn to utilize the energy of true love and forgiveness.

“Two years ago, I heard about a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients–without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate’s chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person’s illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved.

“When I first heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. How could anyone heal anyone else by healing himself? How could even the best self-improvement master cure the criminally insane? It didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t logical, so I dismissed the story.

“However, I heard it again a year later. I heard that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called ho ‘o pono pono. I had never heard of it, yet I couldn’t let it leave my mind. If the story was at all true, I had to know more. I had always understood “total responsibility” to mean that I am responsible for what I think and do. Beyond that, it’s out of my hands. I think that most people think of total responsibility that way. We’re responsible for what we do, not what anyone else does–but that’s wrong.

“The Hawaiian therapist who healed those mentally ill people would teach me an advanced new perspective about total responsibility. His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. We probably spent an hour talking on our first phone call. I asked him to tell me the complete story of his work as a therapist.

He explained that he worked at Hawaii State Hospital for four years. That ward where they kept the criminally insane was dangerous. Psychologists quit on a monthly basis. The staff called in sick a lot or simply quit. People would walk through that ward with their backs against the wall, afraid of being attacked by patients. It was not a pleasant place to live, work, or visit.

“Dr. Len told me that he never saw patients. He agreed to have an office and to review their files. While he looked at those files, he would work on himself. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal.

“‘After a few months, patients that had to be shackled were being allowed to walk freely,’ he told me. ‘Others who had to be heavily medicated were getting off their medications. And those who had no chance of ever being released were being freed.’ I was in awe. ‘Not only that,’ he went on, ‘but the staff began to enjoy coming to work.

Absenteeism and turnover disappeared. We ended up with more staff than we needed because patients were being released, and all the staff was showing up to work. Today, that ward is closed.’

“This is where I had to ask the million dollar question: ‘What were you doing within yourself that caused those people to change?’

“‘I was simply healing the part of me that created them,’ he said. I didn’t understand. Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life- simply because it is in your life–is your responsibility. In a literal sense the entire world is your creation.

“Whew. This is tough to swallow. Being responsible for what I say or do is one thing. Being responsible for what everyone in my life says or does is quite another. Yet, the truth is this: if you take complete responsibility for your life, then everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or in any way experience is your responsibility because it is in your life. This means that terrorist activity, the president, the economy or anything you experience and don’t like–is up for you to heal. They don’t exist, in a manner of speaking, except as projections from inside you. The problem isn’t with them, it’s with you, and to change them, you have to change you.

“I know this is tough to grasp, let alone accept or actually live. Blame is far easier than total responsibility, but as I spoke with Dr. Len, I began to realize that healing for him and in ho ‘o pono pono means loving yourself.

“If you want to improve your life, you have to heal your life. If you want to cure anyone, even a mentally ill criminal, you do it by healing you.

“I asked Dr. Len how he went about healing himself. What was he doing, exactly, when he looked at those patients’ files?

“‘I just kept saying, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you’ over and over again,’ he explained.

“That’s it?

“That’s it.

“Turns out that loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, you improve your world.

“Let me give you a quick example of how this works: one day, someone sent me an email that upset me. In the past I would have handled it by working on my emotional hot buttons or by trying to reason with the person who sent the nasty message.

“This time, I decided to try Dr. Len’s method. I kept silently saying, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you,’ I didn’t say it to anyone in particular. I was simply evoking the spirit of love to heal within me what was creating the outer circumstance.

“Within an hour I got an e-mail from the same person. He apologized for his previous message. Keep in mind that I didn’t take any outward action to get that apology. I didn’t even write him back. Yet, by saying ‘I love you,’ I somehow healed within me what was creating him.

“I later attended a ho’o ponopono workshop run by Dr. Len. He’s now 70 years old, considered a grandfatherly shaman, and is somewhat reclusive.

He praised my book, The Attractor Factor. He told me that as I improve myself, my book’s vibration will raise, and everyone will feel it when they read it. In short, as I improve, my readers will improve.

“‘What about the books that are already sold and out there?’ I asked.

“‘They aren’t out there,’ he explained, once again blowing my mind with his mystic wisdom. ‘They are still in you.’ In short, there is no out there. It would take a whole book to explain this advanced technique with the depth it deserves.

“Suffice It to say that whenever you want to improve anything in your life, there’s only one place to look: inside you. When you look, do it with love.”

Joe Vitale

Ho’o ponopono mantra:

I love you
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you.