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love viii

(photo courtesy srsrkmr)

“there are oceans…”

there are oceans that
do not reach the shore,
they dwell in deep places.
in murky waters cool and salty
they spin tales among themselves of
sun’s light as it streams to them,
but cannot reach.

i know of such oceans,
i have been pulled into their
sweep and swirl pulled down
beyond breath into dark waters
where i fell under the spell of
their music and call and cry and laugh,
fell under their spell and drowned.

oceans of your heart, your breast, your eyes
the slope of your belly down to
the center of the deep dark world.
oceans that will steal your breath
hope and fire without care or

there are oceans.
i know them.
i die in them.
they are my prayer

love v (from Ishtar)

(photo courtesy gosia stepiens)

I want you to imagine it is night time, there’s not a cloud in sight apart from a glittering array that is reflected from the night sky.

Walk though a park; hear the little birds nestling in for the evening. Tap into all the little animals as they too take up their beds for the night’s rest. Become aware of the sounds of the awakening ones, the crickets voicing their opinion together with the little frogs, walking through this beautiful park under the night skies ahead of you in the distance is a massive Malachite slab in the shape of a heart. It is huge, cut out of the finest quality of malachite. (Malachite carries the new 8th Dimensional Heart Chakra Vibration)

Now walk towards this slab that shines in the night sky entering where the upper parts of the two lobes meet. Now stand on the slab where the two upper curves of the heart meet, look up and embrace the glittering diamonds of the night sky above you. Embrace the beauty, wonderment and love of this Creation and the array of diamonds it showers within your field of vision as far as the eye can see. Feel the energy of Indigo all around you.

Now become aware that directly ahead of you where the bottom part of the two hearts meets forming a sharp point, there is someone standing.

Now I know this may prove to be difficult for some but try not to project a familiar image into that person, try not to visualize that being facing you across your outstretched heart as someone specific, try not to project that energy as someone you would like to create for yourself. Leave it open and up to the Universe to decide whom this is as I ask you now to make your way very slowly one step at a time towards that being and he/she is making their way in the same manner towards you, take your time please.

As you come to stand facing each other now look only into their eyes, see the love within their eyes reflecting the love within yours. Don’t see anything else, do not try and make out their looks or build, only focus on their penetrating eyes, returning your glance of love.

Now, step closer towards each other until you come to so close facing each other that you can feel the warm of their breath.

Now bending your elbows, place the palms of your hands together facing. So his/her right palm will touch your left and visa versa. So you are facing each other with your palm chakras connecting.

Now lean forward bringing your noses to touch each other. Now lean even further into their energy field with your foreheads touching and as you do so bend your heads down slightly allowing your foreheads to touch at the flat surface of the skin and what happens the moment you do this, your hands becomes much closer, and an amazing embrace of energy becomes alive between you and your soul mate. Your fingers intertwine in a warm embrace as the prints of your divine essence that is marked within the skin of your fingers and palms connect activating true feelings of touch for you both. So you have your finger prints interlocking with your signatures connecting, your 3rd eyes are touching, the bridge of your noses touching as you tilted your heads connecting the 3rd eye areas, I invite you for a moment to feel this energy, feel the exchange of compassion and unconditional love when you share insight and wisdom with another in love.

Feel the essence of true love when you can actually experience the touch of your sacred signatures.

Now, keep your hands interlocked, look up lifting your chins and again look each other in the eye.

Now your partner gently releases their hands from yours and places their hands around your waist as they draw you much closer pulling you deeper into their embrace and as they do so, you now take your hands and embrace their shoulders, run your hands across their chest and touch the flexibility of their shoulder joints and the warmth of their chest with meaning. If your partner is a male then feel the power in his muscles, feel the power in his shoulders. If your partner is a female then feel the power that pulsates through the softness and even tone of her skin. Smell the gentleness of the essence of the fragrance that is her.

Now embrace each other in a much tighter and warm embrace.

Now with your partner still facing you I want you to very slowly and gently run your hands down their chest. Pause, then slowly down across their abdomen, slowly bending down run both your hands along the front of their thighs and further down cupping their carves as you bend down touching their feet and toes. Take your fingers and run them in between each toe as you gently admire their beautiful form.

Now whilst bending down on your haunches turn around with your back facing your partner and slowly straighten your legs standing up and as you do so rub your back and buttocks up against their legs their knees, their thighs, then straighten up so your lower back is tucked in close against their abdomen. Feel your upper back resting against your partner’s chest as they draw you close.

Your partner now moves their arms around you, pulls you even closer as they embrace you from behind holding you around the abdomen. Feel your back against their chest. If your partner is a man then feel the power within their pectorals, if your partner is a female feel the softness of her breasts touching you.

Now stretch your arms straight up reaching for the skies stretching them high above your head. With your arms stretched out your partner now very slowly move their hands from your abdomen up across your chest. If you are a male feel her touching your pectorals, if you are a female appreciate his warm embrace as your partner gently moves his hands across your breasts. Your partner’s hands now come to rest at your exposed armpits. In other words he energetically transfers his signature into your auxiliary nodes. The underarm nodes of the lymphatic system dear friends are very potent nodes of clearing. This area takes tremendous strain especially with the constant clearing that occurs within the heart and throat chakras. These nodes are under severe pressure caused by denial and the inability to forgive and the reaction to this action often terminates in malignant conditions such as your cancers.

Now your partner slowly but very surely begins moving their hands up away from this area clearing from your energy field all of the issues that have lead you to believe that you are not love. They clear all of the issues that have always prevented you from stepping into your power as a powerfully loving being. They now clear these issues from the etheric field of the auxiliary as they pull their hands up along your outstretched arms past your wrists, cusp your hands and then very gently draws this energy from your hands clearing you, and releasing it to the angelic workers within the realms of transmutation.

Now it is your turn. Turn around facing your partner. Your partner’s arms are up, outstretched, now place your hands upon your partner’s abdomen and slowly run your hands up across their chest be it their pectorals or bust and come to rest with your palm signature over their auxiliary and look them in the eye. Acknowledge their appreciation as you are about to remove from them all of that which has lead them to believe that they are expected to be something that they are not. All of that which has prevented them from fully embracing you in your totality, all of that which you feel is imbalanced within the relationship with your current partner, all of that which you would like to heal within your current relationship, be that your marriage, relationship or lover it matters not.

Now just before releasing this energy create a small pump action as you cup your palms over their auxiliary and then slowly draw this up and away. Feel the compassion in your hands, touch their skin, smell their fragrance as you facilitate the removal of all of the blockages from this area. Allow this energy clearing to refresh the flow of lymph through the body as it also supports you in creating the healthiest of relationships. Draw it up; out and then gently release this energy into the dimensions of transmutation.

Now both of you lower your arms and simply stand facing each other returning the love within each other’s eyes. You are now going to turn with your backs facing each other.

So with your backs facing each other, lower your arms so that your hands touch holding your fingers on either side, turn your heads to the same side with your cheeks touching and depending on your flexibility almost have your lips touching. I now want you to share with each other what you are looking for in each other. I’ll leave you for a while whilst you whisper magic into each other’s ears.

Now, with all the formalities done as you feel the blood pumping through your veins for a change, turn and face each other again.

Stand so close to each other that your Christ Chakras are touching (sternum above heart). Push your chest into your partner’s breasts or be aware of your breasts as you lean into his tight chest.

Now lower your hands and placing your hands behind each others lower back as you pull closer gently touching each other’s buttocks. The buttocks dear friends are one of the most sensitive and most neglected areas of the body. The sciatica has a vast collection of nerves that feeds the lower limbs, where the other most intricate polar opposite nerve plexus feeds the complexity of the brain. The buttocks carry the stresses and strains of the human body, keeping it up, keeping it taught. The responsibility of keeping you in magnificent posture thus state of physical being is shared by the buttocks and the abdomen. Most people let the abdomen go and with that so do the buttocks. Now turn to the side touching each other as you stand side-by-side.

Now move your hands down so that you each touch one another’s lower back and then move your hands down touching each other over the area of the sciatica thus the upper buttocks.

The upper buttocks as I have mentioned contains the nerve plexus that influences the sciatica and lower limbs as well as the buttocks. The sciatic nerve beloved friends often cause severe pain within the buttocks and lower limbs, especially if you are not flexible be that physically or emotionally. It also causes lower back pain due to a blockage within the nerve path or plexus. The sciatic nerve that stems from the buttocks is the most unloved nerve within the human body and by placing your hands upon each other’s sciatica side by side nurturing each other’s most unloved part, I invite you now to very slowly walk off the 8th dimensional heart platform that was created for you. As you do so look down at the magnificent malachite touching your bare feet. Look at your partners toes, feet and then glance up at their body and feel at ease within your own skin.

Now gently step off the heart energy still embracing each other side by side and make your way back into the beautiful night-time gardens with the glittering diamonds stretching across the skies above you.

Become aware of the fact that all the experiences that you create within your lives are what awaken your soul aspect. Understand that the partners you are with are the ones you have chosen to be with and indeed should that no longer fall within your favor; you are the only ones that can change this, but no matter what my friends never allow the gifts of sensation to escape you.

I am Ishtar.

(channel unknown)