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a manifesting practice

thanks to DattaReyaSivaBaba for the inspiration.

   Use your own intuition, of course, but I would suggest the following:

    — approach this as a sacred act; set a time and create a place.

    — envision a circle of light that you will be entering. ask that it be sanctified (you can sage the area). have the intention to let go of the outside world when you enter, leaving the ego, all fear and desire outside as well. turn off the mind. state that you enter for your healing and to be of service.

    — enter the circle.

   — imagine yourself connected to the earth and then to the sun, balanced at your heart center.

   — imagine a ball of light twelve inches above your head. connect to it (it’s your I AM Presence/Higher Self)

   — connect to your heart center; touch it or imagine breathing through it.

   — bring up feelings/memories of love and gratitude in your life and allow them to expand into the heart. you should be almost near tears with this energy of love & gratitude. it doesn’t have to be for ‘big stuff’ but also ‘small stuff’ like cinnamon and sage and wet grass and kittens, etc.

   — imagine the sun inside your heart chakra.

   — imagine the full moon outside the sun but still inside the chakra

   — watch as the moon moves into the sun until it disappears into the sun.

   — in that moment imagine what you choose to create in your life, either at the heart center or third eye. feel it, taste it, touch it, smell it, walk around in it. you MUST get to a place where you move beyond the sensory aspects of the creation, to the FEELINGS it generates in your life: joy, fun, play, relaxation, passion, etc. you must also be near tears with these feelings expanding in your heart center. imagine it as if you’re in it RIGHT NOW, not in the future.

    — reconnect with the feelings of gratitude that your creation HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

    — repeat the ceremony three times.

    — then release the creation/s back to the Universe to handle the details. let it go completely. do not have any thoughts of how it’s possible, or what you’ll need to make it come true. you can imagine placing your creation into a giant hand, which takes it away. this is WHITE MAGIK we’re using, not logic.

    — give thanks to the Universe for making your creation happen for your highest good and the highest good of all.

    — exit the circle and dissolve it back into light.

    AGAIN: the key to all this is not to create something out of fear or need or feelings of lack of self-love and self-respect — not from the ego or your past expectations and experiences. It stops the process. You must create for the joy of creating and sharing with others.