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The Absentee Landlord

(photo courtesy s-t-r-a-n-g-e)

Everything in the universe is conscious at varying levels. Everything is a manifestation of Divine Mind. As Yeshua says, even the chair we’re sitting on has consciousness running through it.

In metaphysics it is believed that the evolution of consciousness in the world of matter begins with the mineral kingdom, which as contradictory as it may seem, is consciousness learning to move for the first time. Though we can’t see it, in fact all minerals are ever-growing and changing. Like the child that must first learn to crawl before it can walk, consciousness must learn the rudiments of movement through the seemingly immobile stone.

It is then believed that the next evolution is that of first emotion, and occurs within the plant kingdom.

The next is consciousness experiencing the first sparks of intelligence within the insect kingdom, though the seemingly pre-programmed intelligence of a species as one mind.

Then the wild animal kingdom and the experience and expression of group consciousness within a ‘family,’ or heard, or pack.

Then onto the domestic animal kingdom where individual consciousness begins to grow; your pet as your companion.

Then the mammalian kingdom of the whales and dolphins — and the human kingdom — as the expression of higher intelligence and compassion and ultimately, the spiritual.

There is an ancient metaphysical statement of profound truth: “As above, so below. As within, so without.” It means that there is no such thing as size or distance (see quantum physics and “non-locality”). It means that the earth is made up of the same stuff as the universe; the universe is made up of the same stuff as the earth.

That our bodies are not separate from the kingdoms of the earth, but that our bodies are made up of these very same kingdoms. That our organs directly relate to the stars and planets of our solar system. That our solar system directly relates to the galaxy and the universe as a whole, and that they all are duplicated within the smallest sub-atomic particle.

To understand the human body, study the universe.

To understand the universe, study the human body.

The point in question? That our human body is not just alive but also conscious. That the entirety of the universe is within it. That our organs, tissues, fluids, etc. possess all of the various levels of evolutionary consciousness. That quite simply, the heart ‘knows’ it is a heart, the liver a liver, the tooth a tooth, the cell a cell. And they ‘know’ their purpose and they perform their tasks magnificently.

I think of our bodies as made up of “magnificent children.” They are ‘savants’ at their jobs, but don’t completely understand the ‘world’ around them or the energies that effect them. They don’t ‘understand’ stress or anger or hate or fear. They only ‘know’ to do their best to process these attacking energies within their individual abilities. But they can only do so much, and once overwhelmed, they begin to collapse and dis-ease takes over. Even death.

For the most part we have been “absentee landlords” in the dwelling called our bodies.

So, how about a different approach to the body? How about considering it as an equal partner in our health, which wants nothing more than to do its job successfully, resulting in a full, happy life, and assuring its own conscious evolution.

Consider beginning a personal relationship with the conscious universe within us. As silly as it may sound, consider introducing ourselves to our bodies (you’ll be surprised by the response you get). Consider talking to each and every body element and asking them questions about the state of our health — and guess what? You’ll get answers.

And here’s a really silly idea which is surprisingly powerful. Consider giving names to various body parts; ask them what they’d like to be called (again, prepare to be surprised). We don’t have to name every tooth or cell, but just a few organs here and there to integrate our consciousness into our body. To become, in effect, a team with a shared goal.

How about this: Tell each and every organ and system that you love them. And feel your body light-up with gratitude.

Like everything else in the universe — including the rocks and ants and tulips — the body wants to be loved and appreciated. It wants to evolve, just as we do.

It needs us.

And we need it.