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food for thought…

As with anything in life, the minute one groups seeks to impose a philosophy or way of life on another, it is dangerous. Even the Universe won’t interfere with our free will to choose. 

Certainly, make your argument and state your facts, and then move on. The only life and choices we’re ultimately responsible for are ours.

I write this in the context of certain vocal vegetarians and vegans. 

I have been a vegetarian. I have been a meat eater. I am evolving and always trying to go deeper below the surface of what we claim as Truths. 

And certainly, what was once appropriate in the Grand Scheme Of Things, might no longer be appropriate in our present and future lives.

But before a vegetarian or vegan declares someone else to be a monster, they might read “The Secret Life Of Plants”, by Peter Tompkins, or any of Rupert Sheldrake’s books.  Or speak to a tribal shaman. Or hang out in a garden for more than a few hours.

And whether we agree with it or not, there is a metaphysical concept of transmutation, which suggests that in some cases, an animal’s spiritual energy, like a plant’s, actually raises its ‘soul’ vibration by passing through the body of a human — an evolved human, one who blesses the food and the animal’s life and the Divine animating force behind that life.

Certainly cruelty is unacceptable under any circumstances and we humans have a far way to go before we can claim to be truly humane beings.

We’re all food for something, even the bacteria feeding on us. 

Though I may not agree with vegans, I do my best to honor their lives in a complicated world. Though I may not agree with meat eaters, I also do my best to honor their lives and choices in a challenging world. 

Whatever we eat — when done in a sacred manner — serves the Highest Good. 

All life is sacred and so is transformation.

Divine life is never as simple as we’d like it to be.