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basic yogic breath

(photo courtesy steve evans)

most of us use only about 30% of our lung capacity, which means our body is not getting the oxygen it fully needs, one of the basic results being that our bodies are not alkaline enough to ward off disease (the more oxygen, the more alkaline the blood).

Also, most of us breathe too quickly, not allowing our body the time needed to properly process the oxygen and clean the blood and body of impurities.

there is a simple yogic breathing practice you can try which helps.

get into a relaxed state.

find your pulse.

breathe into your belly and then up into your entire chest as you count your pulse beats.

as you reach the limit of your inbreath, you should have counted between five and seven pulse beats (perhaps more).

hold this breath in for half the number of your inbreath pulse beats.

exhale fully and slowly while counting your pulse beats, pushing out the last breath with your stomach contracting. The number of pulse beats should match your inbreath, though it’s not important if they don’t.

hold the exhale out for half the number of pulse beats.

repeat the cycle for several minutes.

strive to perform this breathing throughout the day, while watching tv, or driving, or walking about; when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed.

you’ll feel the difference immediately, and you’ll know what the yogis know: that fear and anger and judgment and criticism and all other negative human emotions cannot exist in the same space and time when you are performing this breath.