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higher fences won’t bring us safety. longer working hours won’t bring us safety. bigger houses won’t bring us safety. more expensive cars won’t bring us safety.

that first hurricane or bank collapse or job loss or illness or death changes everything.

we build again, get a new job, begin chemo therapy, switch banks, until it all happens again.

more money, more insurance, more I.D. badges, more security won’t bring us safety.

True safety, real safety resides in the knowing that we always were “safe”.

Perhaps that first act of violence on the planet was in direct response to a sudden fear of being attacked. Perhaps when we buy insurance, we will suddenly need insurance. Perhaps when we build that first fence, we suddenly have an enemy to keep out.

Perhaps we always were “safe”.

Perhaps we still are, and that the minute the fences come down, the insurance is let go, the police become surfers, doctors become gardeners and lawyers become painters, the natural balance of the universe will reassert itself.

and we will be “safe” as we once again surrender to the natural flow and transformation of life.

When we come to terms with the truth that nothing material lasts and that the universe is designed to change on a moment to moment basis.

in the meantime: not feeling safe?


you are.