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Fear – less

We seem to be living in a time of deep fear, with this verdict, with the anti-women laws, with the gun violence, with the surveillance state. And there seems to be no leaders out there advocating acceptance of others, kindness, non violence. It will probably be up to us. We may have to — peacefully — take on again the battles we thought our parent’s had won. There’s always been a dark core to America which we haven’t faced. Our foreign policy, our politics, our economics, our entertainment all speak to violence and the valuelessness of life. They have us fighting each other while those in power rob the bank. Like our ancestors and parents we will have to once again come out of our comfort zones, get our heads out of the sand, stop seeking the superficial and stand up for human dignity. Change won’t come from those in power, like Brazil and Egypt and Turkey, it will have to come from the people. Violence only creates violence. Anger only creates anger. Hate only creates hate. We’re all going to have to go deeper. Love and light to everyone suffering today and always.