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law of attraction

“The Universe is not responding to your words. The Universe is responding to the vibration that is behind your words. You are vibrational beings and are always emitting a vibrational signal which is your point of attraction. What you put out you get back because Law of Attraction is responding to the vibration of your being.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

the birthing

mother earth and the universe are in the process of doing whatever they can, as gracefully as we will allow them, to reconnect us to ourselves, our neighbors, our communities, our natural world, and they will remove everything that is in the way, everything that separates. all symbolic and literal fences and barricades will come down. how gracefully is up to us.

I offer this not to create fear, but expectant excitement. What we place our focus on will become our reality. The universe will provide everything we need to make the transition. It always did, but we cut ourselves off from this ‘safety net’ through our fear and separation.

This is not a horrible process, but a birth process.

Which is not to say we don’t send love and light and compassion to all those experiencing the storms of these times, we may all be among them soon enough. Those in fear will see this birth process as fearful. Hoarding only brings in the need for hoarding. The universe’s abundance is infinite. Those in faith and love will see this process as beautiful and find themselves where they are supposed to be, totally protected, as we have always been.

I gently offer that we all try to stay away from any information which is fear-based or lack-based; they are quite destructive. celebrate our life and the beauty of each other and this earth now and we will bring in more of the same.

that’s all we have to concern ourselves with.

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