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cutting chords

You can release people from your life energetically with chord cutting and other techniques, people who no longer serve your highest good, and whose highest good you may no longer serve.
They just drift off without the need for confrontation. 

Make it a sacred event.

You might think about cutting the ancestral chord through the mother and all grandmothers, the father and all grandfathers (while retaining their wisdom), to the beginning of time. It is this chord that attracts a lot of the other people into our lives that can cause…disruption. It is connected at the navel and is quite thick and knotted.

First, we have to accept full responsibility (as a co-creator with the Universe) for our energetic part in connecting to, or attracting these energies in the first place. Nothing happens in a vacuum; like it or not, we always have a part in what ‘befalls’ us. There’s no judgment about it, it’s just energetic law: like energy attracts like energy.

You can say something like: “I accept full responsibility for ALL my creations, and recall any and all negative energy, negative thoughtforms, negative intent — consciously or unconsciously — to my Higher Self/God Self/Christ Self to be healed, blessed, transmuted and released back into the Light. I retain the wisdom of these experiences, transmuting the energy and the experience itself back into Light.

Use an electric blue ‘sword’, or blade, to cut all chords (the Sword Of Archangel Michael). Cut down your front and the back and both sides, over the head and under the feet. You may have to do it several times.

You can imagine that your hand and arm is a sword (or laser) and ‘slice’ your hand down your front and sides and imagine doing so down the back.

You can also officially announce to the universe that you release them (and everyone) from all karmic ties and debts bound to you, and that you ask to be released from all karmic ties and debts bound to them (their Higher Self MUST honor this request, regardless whether the person would do so in ‘real life’ or not).

Once you do any of this, you have to completely let them go from your consciousness, unless you are sending them light & love. One negative thought and the chords reattach. And you have to cut them again.

Then surround yourself with the Whole Armour Of God, which reflects back to their Higher Self any and all negative energies anyone may try to project to you consciously or unconsciously. By directing it back to their Higher Self, we don’t engage in an energetic ‘battle’ of wills and personalities.