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(photo courtesy deziner02)

Light, as we know it, is power, is heat, is illumination. Directed light can cause movement. Focused light can even penetrate solid matter. Light is also a carrier, a facilitator, if you will, of other aspects of itself, which we call frequencies.

So it is with spiritual Light.

Light is what we are. Light is the true Divine Clay of which we are made. Move inward through our buildings and our bodies and we will come to molecules and then atoms and farther into sub-atomic particles and farther into sub-division after sub-division after sub-division of energy. We will arrive, ultimately, into spiritual Light.

The physical world as we know it is Light in its most dense, compacted form.

Divine Light is the cup, and the water within, and the hand holding it.

In general spiritual terms Light and Love are interchangeable. Not love as we all too often experience it, not as an emotion, or a sentimentality, but love as energy — Divine Energy.

Love, like Light, is creation. Love/Light is cohesion. Love/Light brings things together and holds them there joyfully. All that is not Love/Light, ultimately, breaks apart.

When we demonstrate love to ourselves and to our fellow humans and to our planet, even in its all too often inadequacy, we are using the same energy that holds atomic structure together. We are using the very same creative energy the Divine uses to spin the universe and grow a rose: We are creating Light.

True Light, like true Love, is truly not for the faint of heart.