redefining spirituality and opening to non-limitation

the cross

As we move into the energy of the Grand Cross of July & August, perhaps it is a good time to borrow some of the ideas and imagery from mystic Christianity (which has almost nothing to do with Christianity as most know it!) and open ourselves to a powerful opportunity for the healing of ourselves and others. 
Let’s take a moment and consider taking those whom we have opposed, or who have opposed us, off of the cross. 
Let’s consider carrying them on our shoulders and laying them to rest. 
Let’s take a moment and remember all those members of our families and friends and those of our extended families of politics, culture, religion, etc, whom we have fought, or who have fought us. 
Because in those conflicts and challenges, whether conscious or not, we placed them onto the cross. And we left them there alone. 
This is not to say we are supposed to feel guilt or shame or remorse, as those energies only serve to place ourselves on the cross. 
It is to suggest that perhaps it is time to simply and gracefully let them all go. Bring them down to the earth. Let them rest. 
Truth be told, there is no harm that has been done to us that we have not done to others at one point or another, in one variation or another, in our long lives on this planet. 
Perhaps it is time to simply stop keeping score. 
Perhaps it is time to gently go back through our lives and recall those moments when we placed someone on the cross, the cross of our anger, fear, rejection, guilt, shame, hate, jealousy, ego, judgment and criticism, and say, “It is done,” and help them off the cross so that they can move on with their lives.
And of course, we must first let ourselves off of the cross, the crosses we have hammered together out of our fear of inadequacy, fear of being unworthy, unlovable, of being wrong. 
Take ourselves off the cross of never being good enough in the world’s eyes, or our family’s, or our friends. Take ourselves off the cross of needing approval from others. Off the cross of success or failure. The cross of attachment. Of judgment. Of fear.
As we align with the energy of the Grand Cross, consider that it is also possible that in the vastness of time and space and the infinite, that we have truly done no wrong. And no one has truly wronged us. 
And that it is perhaps time to climb done from all those crosses we have built and allowed others to build for us. 
Perhaps it is time for all of us to rest.
And bring down the crosses once and for all.

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